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Gillian Miles

Recycling is a Myth

“Every five minutes - over 1 million tons of single-use plastic is used and discarded”. This talk gives you a glimpse of what has happened to the plastic industry since 2017 and where our recycling is really going.

Miles discloses her tips to become more sustainable in her day-to-day life.

Tim Schroeder

Finding Meaning in Every Situation

"To win our most important battles, we need to know what we are fighting for," says Tim Schröder, a technology enthusiast and founder. In this insightful talk, he explores the early research into the effects of mindset and purpose by Vianesse psychologist and Nazi concentration camp prisoner Viktor Frankl, and how it can be useful in our everyday life.

"Every company has a mission statement," Schröder says. "Why do we not have one for ourselves?"

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Fall 2020 Leader Studio Talks

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Sung Won Seo: Putting Yourself First

Manaal Siddiqui: Celebrating Divergent Thinking

Rhea Sali: Importance of Mental Health

Gezal Bahmani: How To Be a Great Negotiator

Thomas Kulawik: Success & Failure - An Equilibrium

Briana Kaler: Say Yes!

Nayeli Magana: Find Your Fuel & Change Your Perspective

Leader Frameworks

Leaders to Learn From

By: Greg Reich Leadership is not an equation; it’s a skill. In order to be an effective leader, one must determine which qualities are necessary to tackle a particular problem. General Stanely McChrystal poses the idea that one way to train ourselves to do this is by looking at former leaders.

The Emigrant Edge

By: Nayeli Magana Buffini’s main idea and framework is founded on the traits of successful immigrants. This framework has had an impact on me because it reminds me of my parents and the hardships immigrants go through and the skills they gain through this journey.