Case Studies

Case Study

Greta Thunberg

This case documents Greta Thunberg's journey and success in the fight to address Earth's climate crisis, which has earned her numerous honors and accolades.

Case Study


This case explores how Ryan Peterson, UC Berkeley and Columbia Business School graduate, built and scaled Flexport into one of the fastest growing companies in the US.

Case Study


In this case, we explore the scalability of Akbar Thobani and George Melika's Series A company SFOX, that has a unique remote structure and management philosophy.

Case Study


From the Berkeley beginnings to a large enterprise software company, this case explores the entrepreneurial journey of Mike Olson and Tom Reilly to build Cloudera.

Case Study

Relativity Space

With tremendous growth and an ambitious goal, this case study dives into the ideas, values, and "culture of recruiting" embedded into Relativity Space.

Case Study


The rise of biotechnology had raised ethical concerns, and this case study explores how despite having great ideas, unethical business practices can ultimately destroy a business.

Case Study Series

Engineering Leaders

Each case is a profile in entrepreneurial leadership designed to share mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors leaders have on their entrepreneurial journey.

Case Study


After graduating from UC Berkeley and completing Y Combinator (S10), this case explores how Jessica Mah had to make some tough decisions to lead her FinTech startup, inDinero.